Hello girls & boys! : a New Zealand toy story

Veart, David

David Veart

Hello girls and boys! : a New Zealand toy story 311 pages : illustrations (chiefly colour) Contents includes: Toys from the waka -- New arrivals, 1840-1900 -- Toys in depression & war, 1900-1945 -- A golden age? 1946-1960s -- Toys to the world, 1960s-1970s -- The elves & the Rogernomes, 1980s -- End games, 1990s-2000s -- Toys in the joined-up world Summary: New Zealanders and their toys from Maori voyagers to twenty-first-century gamers. Maori and Pakeha learned knucklebones from each other, young Aucklanders established the largest Meccano club in the world, and Fun Ho1 and Torro, Lincoln and Luvme helped to build a successful local toy industry under the shade of import protection. Covers the crazes and collecting, playtimes and preoccupations of big and little New Zealand kids for generations. (Publisher)
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