Solar system : a visual exploration of the planets, moons, and other heavenly bodies that orbit our sun

Chown, Marcus

Derived from the ebook Solar System for iPad.
Contents: The Data Explained -- Solar System Map -- Solar System -- The Inner Solar System Map -- Sun -- Mercury -- Venus -- Earth -- The Moon -- Mars -- Phobos -- Deimos -- Asteroid Belt Map -- Ceres -- Eros -- Gaspra -- Ida -- Itokawa -- The Outer Solar System Map -- Jupiter -- Io -- Europa -- Ganymede -- Callisto -- Jupiter's Other Moons -- Saturn -- Saturn's Rings -- Titan -- Enceladus -- Iapetus -- Mimas -- Hyperion -- Saturn's Moons -- Uranus -- Miranda -- Uranus's Moons -- Neptune -- Triton -- Kuiper Belt Map -- Kuiper Belt -- Pluto -- Eris -- Makemake -- Haumea -- Oort Cloud -- Comets.
Summary: Beginning with a fascinating overview and then organized by planet, in order of its distance from the sun, "Solar System" takes us on a trip across time and space that includes a front-row seat to the explosive birth of the solar system, a journey to (and then deep inside) each of its eight planets, and even an in-depth exploration of asteroids and comets.

Librarian's Miscellania
written by Marcus Chown. Solar system for iPad.

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